NEW! ZeroFlame® Technology

Wood pellet fire without flame!

The cleanest ÖkoFEN pellet heating system ever!


Availability of ZeroFlame extended

We are expanding the field of application of ZeroFlame technology. From July 2023, the "flameless heat from pellets" will also be available for our boiler types Pellematic Compact and Pellematic Smart XS. 

Compact (10-18 kW)

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Condens (10-18 kW)

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Smart XS (10-18 kW)

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Clean - completely without filters

The ZeroFlame® technology convinces through:



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With the all new technology ÖkoFEN achieves dust emissions close to zero.

WITHOUT any filter technology.

Particulate matter and dust emissions are an ongoing issue in the heating industry.

For air pollution control and possible innovation incentives lower emission values are demanded. After years of intense work in our R&D department and a Europe-wide field test ÖkoFEN has succeeded in taking a big step towards absolutely clean energy conversion from wood pellets.

Why did we develop ZeroFlame®?

The aim was to develop a solution that would bring absolutely no restrictions to the previous technology in terms of comfort and reliability. Alternatively, electric high-voltage particle filters are used in the industry, but they are cost-intensive and rarely maintenance-free. So this option was soon discarded. As a result we continued to work on a better, simpler solution, which takes place directly in the combustion chamber.


How does ZeroFlame® work?

ZeroFlame® is a milestone in ÖkoFEN history.
The special-guided airflow and air-enrichment in combination with a special combustion chamber design leads to a very special effect. The flame disappears almost completely during combustion and reduces particulate matter to a minimum. All that remains is:
Cosy warmth and clean exhaust air!


Without ZeroFlame®

Regular combustion of pellets - with flame

With ZeroFlame®

ZeroFlame® Technology - without flame

ZeroFlame OFF/ON - direct comparison


In our web animation, you can switch the ZeroFlame technology on or off yourself by clicking on the ON/OFF button.


Wood pellet fire without flame!

The cleanest ÖkoFEN pellet heating system ever!


The cleanest ÖkoFEN pellet boiler ever

Tested by TÜV Austria

The amount of particulate matter leaving the high-efficient pellet heating system can hardly be measured. This has a high impact to the environmental situation worldwide. A practice 9-hour load cycle test carried out by TÜV Austria officially confirms the excellent values and unique effect of the new technology.


Practice load cycle test

The 9h load cycle test is a dynamic cycle test which represents real operation values of a heating system in our latitudes. This test is absolutely not comparable with other static test reports.

In the smallest output range, the emission test includes one start and two stops of the boiler.


Practical cycle test over 9h


ZeroFlame® in Comparison


The significance of the innovation is clearly evident when compared with other forms of heating.

Comparisons with results of a study by the German Federal Environment Agency show: In practice, an existing oil-fired heating system may has a higher particulate matter load than the new technology. Considered the complex upstream chain of oil (consideration of the expenditure for energy generation, energy conversion, transport, etc.). Pellet heating with ZeroFlame® technology is therefore a top solution for clean air.

Source: Emission balance of renewable energy sources - determination of avoided emissions in 2018, German Federal Environment Agency

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For a sustainable future

The overall environmental benefits are significant, especially considered the approx. 18 million oil-fired heating systems in Europe that still need to be replaced. Thanks to the all-new innovative ZeroFlame® technology, a CO2-neutral implementation is possible and at the same time offers a considerable saving potential in particulate matter.