Pellet silo: Flexilo outdoor fabric tank

with waterproof & UV-resistant foil

More space in your cellar with the outdoor tank


The Flexilo Outdoor outdoor tank makes it possible to store pellets outdoors all year round and thus easily solves space problems when storing pellets.

Inside, a Flexilo fabric tank stores pellets in a space-saving way, protected from moisture and at the same time cost-effective.

On the outside, a waterproof and UV-resistant foil protects the entire construction. The kit comes with a base plate.


Advantages of the ÖkoFEN fabric tank for outdoor installation:

More space in the building

Waterproof & UV-resistant

Simple assembly without foundation

Quick assembly

  • No loss of space in the building
  • No foundation necessary (only 10 cm ballast subsoil required)
  • Stable construction
  • Simple construction
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature, weather & UV resistant
  • Building permit only necessary in exceptional cases


The total assembly time of the outdoor pellet tank, with 2 people, is 5-7 hours. With metal or wooden exterior cladding, this is correspondingly somewhat longer.

Examples of the installation of the external tank

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Standard version with cover foil - Do-It-Yourself-ready


Example: Do-it-Yourself metal facade


Example: Do-it-Yourself wooden façade


Scope of delivery of the fabric tank for outdoor installation


The kit includes:

The outdoor pellet tank is delivered to your home as a kit. 


External dimensions of the outer tank

The external dimensions (up to 3t pellets) are L x W x H: 225 cm x 161 cm x 265 cm.

The external dimensions (up to 7t pellets) are L x W x H: 305 cm x 235 cm x 265 cm.


What preparatory work is necessary for the installation of an outdoor tank?

  1. The installation area (+30 cm eaves strip per side) must be levelled with at least 10 cm of ballast.
  2. Required ballast area: Tank dimensions + 30cm per side Splash water protection
  3. For the pellet transport hoses, a wall duct to the boiler room as well as continuous UV protection is required (e.g. HT pipe).
  4. Additional recommendation for preparatory work: 7 concrete slabs (40cmx40cmx4cm) for the pellet tank up to 3 tons and 9 concrete slabs (40cmx40cmx4cm) for the pellet tank up to 7 tons facilitate the installation.



Flexible installation of the fabric tank thanks to our vacuum suction system.

The vacuum suction system enables flexible installation of the boiler and pellet store. The pellets are reliably transported from the pellet tank to the heating system. The Flexilo fabric tank can be placed in the boiler room or in another room at a greater distance (max. 20 m) from the boiler or outside the building.


The technical refinements of the Flexilo Outdoor

Sturdy wooden frame construction

Sturdy wooden frame construction

Flexilo Compact fabric tank (KGT1814)

Flexilo Compact fabric tank (KGT1814)

Capacity 2.7-3.3 tons
Waterproof and UV-resistant film

Waterproof and UV-resistant film

(light grey)
Optional: with 3-sided trapezoidal sheet metal facade

Optional: with 3-sided trapezoidal sheet metal facade

with hook-in door, powder-coated, colour anthracite (RAL 7016)
2 zips

2 zips

Fixing lugs

Fixing lugs

Attachment of foil to base plate
Stable base plate

Stable base plate