Flexilo pellet storage tanks

With a Flexilo storage tank, your pellets are stored compactly, protected from moisture and also cost-effectively. You can specify the installation location. There’s no need for a separate storage room. We can offer you the right version to meet your specific space and pellet requirements.


Pellet silos for all requirements

ÖkoFEN supplies a range of Flexilo storage silos in various sizes. You can choose from a range of pellet tanks in many different sizes, with storage capacity ranging from 499 kg to 12 tonnes.


Flexilo Compact pellet silo with unbeatable storage capacity

The Flexilo Compact storage tank offers 60% more capacity than a conventional pellet storage tank of the same size. Even with a ceiling height of only two metres, you can store up to 8.6 tonnes of pellets. An integral auger for transporting wood pellets to the pellet boiler and the tried-and-tested extension spring system for flexible sloping floors allow the silo to be emptied completely.

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Space aplenty for plenty of pellets. Available in many different sizes from 499 kg to 12 tonnes.


Now even bigger - storage in XXL



Store up to 12 tonnes of pellets

With the new KGT3626 pellet fabric tank, even larger quantities of pellets can now be stored - without the need for a separate storage room. With a storage capacity of up to 12 tonnes, it is the largest model of its kind and brings with it all the advantages of storage in a clean & closed fabric tank.

  • Space-saving storage in as little space as possible
  • Pellets are protected from moisture - even in a damp cellar
  • Maximum storage capacity even in low rooms
  • No sloping floor necessary
  • Complete emptying of the tank
  • Easy refilling
  • Modern wood look

Flexilo Compact - filling quantities for room heights from 185 to 240 cm

ÖkoFEN storage tanks create space. The key technical requirements at a glance.

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