The Pellematic pellet boiler in the smart home

ÖkoFEN heating systems are optimally prepared for heating in the smart home. The MOD-BUS/TCP interface enables connection to many building management systems.

Every ÖkoFEN heating system features the option to establish these connections as standard. As a home automation component and connected to the internet, the heating system can simply do more:

  • Better coordination with all building services (ventilation, cooling, shading) and therefore a better indoor climate
  • Adaptation of the heating times to the building's utilisation – saves heating costs
  • Data retrieval or operation via the internet – greater convenience
  • Adaptation of the heating system to the current weather conditions – no overheating and lower heating costs
  • Access to the heating system for Customer Service – better system support


Heating according to weather forecast


The boiler that thinks for itself

The controller evaluates live online weather data for its location and regulates the heating system based on the expected hours of sunshine.

If sunny weather is expected, the controller reduces the room temperature completely automatically, thereby preventing overheating. The result is a comfortable indoor climate and lower heating costs.


Loxone & ÖkoFEN - Smart heating control


Heating control can also be carried out through the Loxone home management system. All settings and information that are made and visible on the ÖkoFEN control panel can also be operated and queried via the Loxone visualisation.

You want to integrate your ÖkoFEN heating system into your Loxone Smart Home? Here you will find all the information you need:

Integration of an ÖkoFEN heating system in Loxone

Networked with building management

Open to everything


The MOD-BUS interface ensures that the Pelletronic controller can be connected to almost every building management system. This makes the heating system an integral part of building automation.

The networking extends as far as building management taking over control of all the heating circuits and DHW heating.

In addition, access to the heating system is possible at any time and from anywhere via the myPelletronic app and the online access

Online Support Center

Quick advice is not expensive

If the heating system should ever not do what the customer wants, the internet connection allows a technician to access the system – naturally only after this has been enabled by the customer.

If the problem cannot be resolved online, then Customer Service is already well-prepared for this job.

In the name of personal privacy


At ÖkoFEN, we consciously decided from the very beginning to neither collect nor evaluate our customers’ data. We strongly believe that every person has the right to unrestricted privacy within their own four walls.


Heating control on the move


The myPelletronic app allows you to operate your heating system from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. Owners of a second home, commercial plant operators and on-call building service engineers all now want remote access to the heating system. The app can also replace a room controller, because people almost always have their mobile phones with them.

Furthermore, the app offers the benefit of connecting mobile technology to the heating system. This means that it knows when you’re further away from home than normal and can remind you to activate energy saving mode.


Never go to the boiler room again


Modern home owners mostly have a smartphone close at hand. This allows them to operate the heating system from everywhere, without having to go to the cellar – conveniently and easily.

You can use the myPelletronic app to adapt the set room temperature to your needs in just a few clicks. Be it from your sofa or while enjoying an evening with friends, there’s no need to leave your comfortable place to adjust the heating.

Useful basic functions directly in the app

The app enables convenient operation of the basic functions of all central heating and domestic hot water circuits. Adjustment of the set room temperature and the heating circuit operating mode and activation of DHW heating are all conveniently accessible.

If any greater changes to settings are required, then full access to the heating system is possible directly from the app.

The user interface in the app is identical to that of your heating control unit and thus enables you to navigate the menu easily.


Always know what the heating system is doing


The myPelletronic app draws on live data from the heating system in just the same way as the online platform provides for access via PC. This means that you are always up to date with the current state of all system components.

If the system has any important information for you (e.g. empty ash box) or is not running properly or has a fault, the relevant notifications are displayed clearly on the app’s start screen. You can also configure the system to notify you by email.

Download the free myPelletronic app here:

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Technical requirements for the online connection

All ÖkoFEN boilers are equipped as standard with an Ethernet interface for online access from a PC, smartphone and the free myPelletronic app.

The pellet heating system can be monitored and actively controlled from a PC or smartphone via the online portal. This grants full, password-protected access to the programming unit. Furthermore, the platform can be used as a remote maintenance portal (Support Center)

by commercial system operators, customer service installers and ÖkoFEN's in-house Customer Service department alike. Everyone with responsibility for multiple systems has a complete overview. The Support Center allows all systems to be monitored from one access point. The clear and simple design of the user interface is a major benefit. Systems with differences from normal operation automatically acquire a higher ranking and a colour coding.


Installation requirements

The requirements must have been met on site by the time of commissioning. If this is not the case, then commissioning of the online function cannot take place and further technical support is required.

  • Permanent internet connection with router (DSL, UMTS, LWL, cable)
  • Network connection to programming unit on boiler (alternatively wireless bridge with network cable or DLAN (network via power supply) between master controller and router)
  • Port 587 (SMTP) on the internet router must be enabled for sending email (standard on most internet connections)
  • Access to the and servers must be possible (firewall settings)

In spite of security measures such as encryption of the connection, there is a residual security risk of illegal intervention. In order to minimise this risk, we recommend the use of client-side security measures for detecting and repelling attacks from the internet.
An IT expert must be called upon to establish the network connections and set up the IP address, email service and router. Depending on the internet service provider, additional running costs may be incurred in order to meet the described requirements.


Access to Touch energy management via MOD-BUS/TCP

A MOD-BUS interface allows the Pelletronic controller to be connected to a building management system. Configuration requires programming skills for the relevant system. A parameter list is available to download.

Simple access for maintenance and cleaning

Simple access for maintenance and cleaning

Pellet feed by vacuum suction system

Pellet feed by vacuum suction system

Fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning mechanically and with water

Fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning mechanically and with water

Stainless steel condensing heat exchanger with up to 15 % more efficiency

Stainless steel condensing heat exchanger with up to 15 % more efficiency

Output and combustion control optimised by combustion chamber sensor (automatic fuel adaptation)

Output and combustion control optimised by combustion chamber sensor (automatic fuel adaptation)

Hopper 50 litres / 32 kg

Hopper 50 litres / 32 kg

Proven burn-back protection

Proven burn-back protection

Negative draft measurement

Negative draft measurement

Multi-segment burner plate

Multi-segment burner plate

Electronic ignition with glow rod (250 W output only)

Electronic ignition with glow rod (250 W output only)