Smart PV – store solar power conveniently

Generate hot water independently with pellets & PV


Smart PV is energy management for energy-efficient integration of power production in your heating system.

The innovative technology of Smart PV enables storage of surplus solar power in the heating system. The superfluous energy is stored in the water by a heater rod with a maximum output of 2 kW. Smart PV measures all electrical loads in the building and records power drawn from the grid, power fed to the grid and on-site consumption. Data is evaluated via the heating controller or very clearly via online access to the heating system.

Optimal energy use

Instead of feeding the surplus electricity into the grid with little or no remuneration, the PV energy can be used more efficiently and cost-effectively for heating. For this purpose, the buffer storage tank is equipped with a power2heat system and supplemented with a smart metering module.

Energy regulation made easy

The intelligent ÖkoFEN Pelletronic Touch controller measures the overall energy balance, optimises consumption thanks to the online weather data connection and stores the excess energy in the buffer storage. You save additional fuel and make optimal use of your energy system.

Smart PV Meter

This measures the mains supply and feed-in. The energy data are visualised on the touch panel. The payback period for private electricity generation is shortened because the otherwise unused PV electricity reduces heating costs.

Cleverly connected with power2heat


The Smart PV consists of two modules. The Smart PV Meter and the Smart PV power2heat module. The Smart PV Meter independently detects the surplus energy of the photovoltaic system (or other electricity production) and uses it in conjunction with the power2heat module (heating element with power controller).

The benefits of Smart PV at a glance



Utilisation of surplus electricity with Smart PV offers the following benefits:


  • Reduction in the payback period for your PV system (or other power generator)
  • Identification and shutting down of "power guzzlers"
  • Greater efficiency thanks to higher level of on-site consumption
  • Online weather data processing – the boiler waits for the solar yield, thereby reducing the heating costs
  • Variable utilisation of surplus solar power from 0–100%
  • Operation and visualisation from your heating system’s Touch controller
  • Can be integrated into existing and new systems
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