ÖkoFEN expands cooperation with UNICEF Austria

For the support of the next generations

ÖkoFEN has already been supporting the Austrian Committee for UNICEF in the field of drinking water supply since 2019. Now this cooperation has been extended and intensified. A central component of this is the treatment of dirty water into drinking water.

With the Smartlink All-in-One heat accumulator, ÖkoFEN offers its customers convenient hot water preparation and hygienic drinking water. We took this as an opportunity to strengthen our cooperation with UNICEF Austria:

For every Smartlink combi accumulator sold in Europe, ÖkoFEN donates a "clean water package" to the United Nations Children's Fund. The water purification tablets contained in the pack are an effective and safe method of making very large quantities of water drinkable. Each of the 4,000 tablets per package can purify 4 to 5 litres of water. This means that up to 20,000 litres of water are purified and made drinkable for each package donated.

"We are very happy to have such a committed cooperation partner as ÖkoFEN at our side and thank them for their great support for children in need. Thanks to ÖkoFEN's increased support, we can further expand our Clean Water Programme and actively improve the situation in crisis areas," UNICEF Austria representative Dr. Anna Gudra is pleased about the expanded cooperation.