Data protection statement

myPelletronic App


Use of app


Data processing/Data storage

When you connect your heating system to the Internet, a link is automatically established with the server and we process the following data:

  • Number of the operating device (starting with P)
  • IP address: For products with software version up to and including 2.05 the IP address is stored permanently. For products with software version 2.06 or higher the IP address is stored for 60 days for the purpose of troubleshooting.

We do not store personal data or the positioning data of the mobile device on which the myPelletronic app is installed. Any data displayed when using is live data. This data is only stored on the operating device for a period of 5 days. It is only data that is generated or determined by the devices or sensors connected to your energy management Pelletronic Touch.


Member data

You can enter member data to describe the system in greater detail. All of the data entered in these fields is sent to ÖkoFEN.


Support centre

Heating system users have the option to give one or more external supporters (ÖkoFEN customer service technicians or installers) access to their system in the support administration area. The supporter ID number required to do this is available from the support directly. Heating system users can decide at any time to withdraw or grant access authorisation to supports in the system management area on (not available in the app).


Approve customer service

Enabling the “Approve customer service” option gives the central ÖkoFEN customer service team access to the system. Access may be useful to provide an immediate solution to support requests. This approval can be enabled or disabled by the user at any time.



To make the Internet connection and remote maintenance via an Internet browser as secure as possible, the web portal is encrypted with the https protocol. Despite this measure there remains a small security risk, which can be minimised by using client-side security technologies.



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